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Limite​d Lifetime Warranty

We  are Very proud of our products and stand by our quality and durability.   We use the highest quality materials and painstakingly develop our products for strength, durability, aesthetics, comfort and ease of  use.  All our leather products include a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Since most customers have made significant  investments in their equipment, we use premium oils and waxes along with vegetable tanned leather for linings and exteriors, allowing the weapon be stored safely in the holster.

Warranty against manufacturing defects.  Some usage issues may occur occasionally due to normal wear and tear.  If you would like to freshen you leather good we offer a paid repair and refresh service. please call so we may quote you a fair price.  We will sometimes repair other manufacturers leather good if able, however we cannot warranty the item as we cannot vouch for the quality of their materials.  We never use chrome tanned or chemically treated products where they could  cause damage to your prized possessions, other manufacturers do not hold up to our standards.

To utilize your warranty you must first call our office so we can determine the best way to help you.  

All repair services cover products only, all shipping costs are responsibility of the customer and need to be paid in advance.

Please call  971-404-5346  with questions or concerns.




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